Falconia club

Falconia is the only organisation of falconers in the Czech Republic specialising in historical falconry. The majority of Falconia members also belong to the Czech Falconry Club and we are all professional falconers. We take active part in events organized by the Czech Falconry Club, we present falconry at historical events and celebrations organised by cities, castles and chateaus not only in our country but all over Europe. Falconia’s key focus is the history of falconry in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The aim of our organisation is to raise awareness of the history of falconry both among the wide public and among falconers, to enable better understanding of this noble art. Hunting with birds of prey is an essential part of our activities. We organise hunts for Falconia members as well as for falconers from the Czech Falconry Club. All our hunts are conducted in a traditional way. We organise hunts in castle districts where we hunt also from horseback and in historical costumes.

Our activities aim at reviving and honouring the falconry heritage which has a long and rich history in our country. We hope that our work could help with the presentation of falconry history also within international cooperation.

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The hunts at Konopiste manor
Modern falconry
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