Born in 1960. He’s a professional falconer since 1981 and since 1978 he became a member of Falconry club CMMJ (Czech-Moravian huntsman club). He worked 16 years for Zoo Liberec as a senior keeper of birds of prey, and as the first in Czech republic he successfuly bred eight breeds of those animals – a sea-eagle, a bald eagle, a golden eagle, a steppe eagle, a cinereous vulture, a long-legged buzzard, a common buzzard and a ferruginous hawk.
He trained the most kinds of eagles in Czech republic, he is also an advisor of many institutions regarding keeping, breeding and training eagles. He trains hawks for movies and other professional falconers, he’s also an advisor in these fields for many local and abroad institutions. He works on dozens opportunities where falconry is needed for photographists and movies.
Milan Straka was the only official referee for birds of prey in Czech jurisdiction. He also represents our country at all the world’s festivals – lecturing in Arabian emirates, Poland and Germany. He writes articles for scientific periodicals worldwide.
He is a lector for environmental knowledge at the CVLK (the centre for education of Liberec district). Falconry show is his domain since 1985 and since 1998 he tends to it professionally.

You can find his personal profile at Facebook.