About us

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Falconia is a company made for upholding the falconry tradition, founded in 2011. Our goal is to represent the Falconry club, to proudly reflect its history and to be a part in the propagation of falconry in our country as well as in the world.

We are a union of people who admire falconry in its original form which means the The art of a hunt, mostly horseback. Our members are mostly seasoned falconers and keeping, maintaining and performing with the animals is a daily bred for them. We cooperate with many towns and castles on their historical projects and our specialized services are used not only by actual noble families, but also establishments all over the Europe, be it banks or other important institutions. You can see us at many prestigious town and renaissance faire, at lectures and workshops, as well as commercials and in movies.


Interesting quote

Falconry should be elevated to an art because it is the only soulful way of hunting that is truly art in nature. Humans can control a four-legged creature by force and other means, but a bird that circles high in the air can only be captured and trained by the human spirit. It is the victory of the human spirit over the freest of animals, over the beast of prey, which, when unleashed upon its fist, returns even against its nature, not because it despises the freedom apparently bestowed upon it, but because it must return, compelled by the genius of man, who holds him with an invisible bond

- emperor Frederick III. -